Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello again - this time I have been thinking of Christmas Wreaths and there are so many kinds - some home made and lots bought - my own personal one is a cane wreath which I decorated with Cookie Cutters and Christmas ribbon.

and this picture will show the detail

There are many traditions regarding the wreath on the door -

Christmas wreaths can be made out of various different materials and are traditionally the first decoration people see when welcomed at your front door. The history of wreaths dates back to the early Persian Empire, where they symbolized victory and pride. Later, early Christians began using the wreath as a symbol of Christ. The wreath, is in the shape of a circle, resembles Christ's infinite presence. The green color represented hope and new life.

Over time, you have seen the adaptation of Christmas wreaths. There is a very large variety of wreaths to choose from, and you can use them in so many versatile ways other than just on your front door. Since a green wreath is a common choice for a wreath, it is nice to spruce up your decor with a little creativity. Make it fun by personalizing a wreath to your own design needs. You can find wreaths entirely made out of Christmas ball ornaments. This allows you to select a color scheme that will tie in to the rest of your homes decor. 

I always put mine up on Advent Sunday which is 28th. November this year - it differs each year.  - I have mine hanging on a bedroom door ready to be put up - as if I would forget.

Email me a picture of your Christmas Wreath and I will be happy to put it up on the blog for other to see and admire.

Love and hugs,

"Christmas is the day that holds all time together." 

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