Saturday, November 20, 2010


When the days of anticipation are over
And Christmas Eve dawns for you,
I wonder if you remember the things,
That you and your children would do.

Do you remember the excitement
Of looking out for a sleigh?
Can you recall the excitement
Of waiting one more day?

Remember how very hard it was
To get your children to bed,
Waiting and hoping 
That Sugar Plums would soon fill their head.

Remember the bucket of water
You left out for the reindeer,
Recall the carrots you left there
And the knowing that Christmas was near.

The milk and the cookies for Santa,
Some left him fruit cake and cherries,
Think back and remember the colours
The green and the holly red berries.

I wonder what Santa himself thought
And I am sure it brought him some mirth,
To eat all the cookies and drink the milk,
Would add to the size of his girth.

So when the children are sleeping
The cookies and milk are all set,
With love and compassion in your hear,
You can make it the best Christmas yet.

© Linda J. Vaughan
November 2006

Love and hugs,


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