Friday, November 26, 2010

Good Morning - here we are four weeks before Christmas Eve and I am excited.
Days like this I kind of wish I had little ones around to spread the excitement - but I am a big kid at heart and have enough excitement for us all.

I love it all - the tinsel, the sparkle, tinkling bells, shopping centres which are decorated and busy. 

This weekend is sit down and sort menu for Christmas day with family which will mean I can sort and write my shopping lists.  I have been buying non perishable things like chips/nuts/crackers etc. for weeks - the fridge already holds chocolate and sweets (the weather here in Australia means that chocolate has to be refrigerated.)

I will also sort my recipes for the things I want to make.

Our family holds a Kris Kringle gift giving and my allocated person this year is Nick and I have his gift already bought and wrapped.  I don't think he reads this Blog so it won't matter that his gift is on display and he can't see what's inside anyway.

I have also bought serviettes and table gifts etc.  and they are already just waiting for the day.

Almost time to put up the wreath on the door and start up the Christmas lights and some trees to decorate.  The tree in my bedroom is all set up and I love it - I leave the lights on when I go to bed and read and it creates a lovely atmosphere.

Enough for the moment - "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" not just on the day but try to enjoy every little thing and all that you do in preparation for this "most wonderful time of the year."

Love and hugs,


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