Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sharing my thoughts on Advent - a precious and special time of this "most wonderful time of the year."

Advent is the period preceding the Christmas season. It begins on the Sunday nearest November 30, the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle, and covers four Sundays. Because the day it begins changes from year to year, so does the length of each Advent season. In 2010, Advent begins on November 28.
The word advent, from Latin, means “the coming.” For centuries, Advent has been a time of spiritual reflection as well as cheer and anticipation. Even as the Christmas season has become more secular-with advertisers urging holiday gift-givers to buy and buy some more-Advent still brings joy and the observance of ancient customs. Christian families find quiet moments lighting candles in the Advent wreath, and children use Advent calendars to count the days until Christmas.

Starting on the first Sunday of Advent each year I have a special cup and plate that I use for my breakfast.   I have been doing this now for a few years and I love doing it - it is a time of reflection for me and a time for remembering other Christmases.  I love it.

This is my "Advent Cup and Plate."

Today I shall hang my Advent Wreath upon my door and openly welcome the Advent season and share the excitement that lives in my heart all year round.

On 1st. December I shall begin using my Advent Tree and Advent Calendar - the Advent Tree is a tiny tree on a stand with tiny drawers underneath in which are held a decoration for each day on the lead up to Christmas and I hang the decoration for that day on the tree and am thankful.

I have a new Advent Calendar this year - big and beautiful - made from wood and again there is a decoration to be hung for each day - photograph below.

So as you can see - at my home it is "Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas".

Enjoy your day and I hope there is a spring in your step and a song in your heart as you approach this coming Christmas season.

Love and hugs,


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