Wednesday, June 22, 2011

186 days until Christmas

Have you started thinking about things or are you organized and have everything under control?

There are lots of things you can do quietly and early to enable the actual festive season to be less stress free.

Quietly sit by a warm fire and edit your Christmas Card list, start a new Address book especially for Christmas/buy some overseas stamps and domestic stamps each week - you won't notice the expense and you will have stamps ready for mailing.

Start thinking about your menu - work out what was a success last year that you may do again and start to make a list of ingredients you are going to require.   Some of the canned products can be bought throughout the year when they are on special.

Plan your decor and colour scheme and keep your eyes open for matching things.   If you have a prize quiz or something like that - buy the small items with your weekly groceries and you won't even notice the expense.

Glad to say I am well under way with cards, addresses and decor and am now giving thought to menu.

I hope the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in your heart.,

Love and hugs,


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