Friday, August 30, 2013

116 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS - not that I am counting !!!

I have been thinking of the things I will do to give to my guests and again this year I think it will be the bag of "Reindeer Noses"  - a bag of Jaffas or any other red sweet/candy sealed with this poem added to it.

"I wanted the perfect gift for you, 
But couldn't decide just what to do
I almost sent you a dozen roses, 
Instead, here's a bag of reindeer noses"

It is something that all my guests have loved and chuckled over the poem so I know it will be well received.   I have used cello bags and also little drawstring organza bags and tied the labels to the drawstring.

Enjoy the anticipation and the idea of sharing this way.

Thanks for calling by.

Love and hugs,


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