Friday, November 19, 2010

Sharing some wrapping ideas with you:

Keep It Cheap But Chic 
Continuing the red and white theme, these presents have been wrapped in simple white paper (steal some out of your home office printer tray), but decorated with red and silver ribbon to make them more glamourous. The red and white nametag stickers make sure that everyone gets the right one - and adds a cute touch. If you're looking to save even more money, gifts wrapped in newspaper but tarted up with ribbon and tags look great, too. 

 Ideal For A Man 
Not all wrapping paper has to look girly and feminine. Black and white wrapping paper is striking - but for that extra special touch, red ribbon and sealing wax is a real talking point. You can buy sealing wax and stamps from wedding supply shops. 

 Go For Glamour
Reflective, metallic paper and ribbon will make presents look amazing when the house lights are dimmed and the fairy lights are bright. And what could look more festive and inviting than a pile of shiny presents glittering underneath the tree? 

Keep It Simple But Bright
Sometimes it's better to just stick to something easy. Bright primary colours with a single silver ribbon can look amazing when they're all piled up. Kids will love the simple colours - and if you have loads of paper left over from Christmas it will last you for birthdays all year round! 

Enjoy these - there are lots of easy ways and pretty ways to wrap your parcels.

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