Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Morning from a beautiful cool Saturday Morning in Adelaide and there is a bustle and happiness in the air - at least where I live there is and I know that all over Adelaide children will be up and ready to go to the City Centre to welcome Santa Claus.

I was up early and could hear my neighbour's little ones (grandchildren and nieces) outside all dressed and ready to go and being called in to have breakfast.  Now how could anyone eat breakfast when feeling that excitement.?

I am just hoping the rain keeps off because the cool day and clouds will make it a very good day for a street Parade.

There will be music, laughter, singing and children having the opportunity to draw and write on the roads with chalk.  There is always a very big Police presence and much to my delight a contingent of our beautiful South Australian Police Greys.

(read some of the history of our Greys)

I enjoy these wonderful creatures as much as I enjoy the rest of the Pageant and there is a little piece of me that wishes I had little ones to take along.

Perhaps next year Grace and Henry may be in Adelaide and I can join them for the Parade.

Have a wonderful day as we in Adelaide welcome Christmas to our hearts and homes.

Love and hugs,


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