Monday, November 8, 2010

For many years now I have kept a Christmas Journal, which is really just a normal A4 size hard covered book, which I rule with margins.

My journal stays on my desk all year and I add to it as the year progresses with ideas for many things.

My journal just contains – everything relating to my Christmas and when I complete things I cross them off in pencil so that I can still see them when I refer back.

Some of the things are as follows:

Who is buying for whom in our family Kris Kringle (they seem to forget or lose the paper they are given or delete the email I send).

Who is going to be here for lunch and for dinner.

Menu for the day and shopping lists too – (I buy my non perishable things well in advance)

Who is making what and bringing what.

I have shopping lists for meats, sweets, nuts, fruit and vegetables, drinks, cheeses etc.

Then another list for ordinary things like gravies and sauces, milk and bread and cat food which still need to be bought.

A photocopy of a calendar of the month of November and December so that I know who is where and when I can arrange things for putting up trees etc.

Special things I may want to watch on television – relative to Christmas of course and then I have a hope of remembering to watch.

The number of Kris Kingle gifts for work etc. I need to buy or at least wrap and have ready.

Dates for functions I am attending.

List of cards I need to send – overseas and at home.

Sewing I need to to - ribbons to be purchased and bows to make.

Find questions for our Christmas Quiz. which usually brings hoots of laughter and lots of fun.

Gifts I need to wrap and table things to be finished.

Reminder of a colour coordinated Table Centre.

Buy candles - batteries etc.

Things to purchase such as stamps etc. -  extra string of 100 lights.

A list of suggested gifts for everyone – things I hear them say during the year and when asked I usually can come up with the right gift.

Generally it is just may brain concentrated in a book that never leaves my desk – no that’s not true it migrates to the table often, but always comes back.

Places I need to be (including medical appointments that have to be fitted in before Christmas)  they are in there too.

Reminders to check that I have enough prescriptions to be well enough to enjoy myself.

Things I still need to do.

So you can see that it is just a book that keeps me right on track (if I remember to check it daily – and I do.)  I keep it going all year and then the next year can refer back to it, and add suggestions for the next coming Christmas.

When Christmas is over I start planning for the next one and always have last years to refer back to - the things that worked and the things that didn't.

It works for me and I offer it for a suggestion for you - it keeps me on track and reminds me of the things I need and the places I need to be.

Love and hugs,


Aletha November 9, 2010 at 9:15 PM  

wow that is something I like that idea a lot.

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