Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Tree Angel Wishes
I’m sending loving wishes
As you trim your Christmas tree ~
And now I'm sending special love
And a caring hug from me.

I wish you love and laughter
And the touch of a hand that's near.
I wish you special memories
Of those who you held dear.

I wish you music and comfort,
And compassion to fill your soul.
I wish you days of finding yourself
And forgiveness to make you whole.

I wish you Angels to guard and guide
And touch you with their wings.
I wish for you a safe journey -
I wish you so many things.

I wish you a welcome at a friend’s door
And a path that is easy to walk.
I wish you a patient friend with a listening ear
When you want to talk.

I wish you Christmas memories
Of days that are now gone
I wish you a quiet acceptance
That for them the battle is done.

I wish you hope and strength
As you stand at the new year's door.
I wish you Heaven's special love
I cannot wish you more.

I thank you for your friendship
And the joy its brought to me
So take the wishes I send to you,
And hang them on your heart's tree.

©   Linda J. Vaughan ~

Love and hugs,


Diane December 11, 2010 at 10:46 AM  

love it.
Hugs Dianelouise

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