Saturday, December 11, 2010


It’s almost Christmas day
And my heart is very sore.
I have been lately thinking
Of how things were before.
I am sitting by my Christmas tree
With its tinsel and its lights,
I have been thinking very long
About other Christmas nights.

My memory is straying back
To youth and childhood days.
I remember certain presents
I remember tradition and ways.
I remember the smells of cooking  ~
A goose and traditional fare.
I remember a visit to Grandma
I remember brushing her hair.

A Doll’s pram and hand sewn blankets
And Doll’s clothes knitted with care,
A box of beautiful chocolates ~
A doll with flaxen hair.
A walk in the park with my Father
While I pushed the doll’s pram with pride
The look on his face as he watched me
I can still see the love and the pride.

The cot that he made for my “baby”
Big enough for even me
I remember the wrapping of presents
I remember the Christmas tree.
I hold in my heart these memories
Of Lollipops, candles and canes,
I remember riding my pony in winter
Down crisp and cold English lanes.

So now that I am older and wiser
Somewhat tempered by time and its ways,
I cherish the memories of Christmas
As it was in my childhood days.
I remember walking through markets
I remember him asking me
“Is this what you want my darling?”~
I remember him giving it to me.

Nothing was too much trouble
Expense was never spared.
If he thought I wanted it – I had it
I remember the ways he cared.
So as I face life without him
And go on day after days
I remember the love he showed me
In very special ways.

I remember the love and the laughter
The way we would debate and cajole.
I remember how much he loved me
I remember it feeding my soul.
I hope I can be what he wanted   ~
Generous and kind to the core,
I hope that I can be loving
And open friendships door.

So as I stand at the gate of Christmas
And behold the bright New Year,
I clearly wish to acknowledge
That at times I feel some fear.
My life has changed and is different
And courage is what I need
To face the future before me
And blessings my soul to feed.

Linda J. Vaughan
December 22nd 2003

Love and hugs,


Diane December 11, 2010 at 10:42 AM  

Thanks for sharing Linda very pretty..
Hugs dianelouise

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