Sunday, December 26, 2010

We saw lots of creative wrapping here yesterday - boxes, bags and gifts of all shapes and sizes suitably camouflaged to disguise the contents.

Most creative of all is my friend Narelle who does not use paper to wrap her gifts.  This year she wrapped them in a kitchen tea towel and used ribbon to tie them.   A clock she gave as a gift came in a perfectly plain white box to which she added her own design of drawing.

To disguise the shape of one gift she had it the box surrounded in shredded tinsel and the whole thing wrapped in a beautiful red kitchen tea towel and tied with gold cord to resemble the shape of a Christmas cracker (bon bon),

The shredded tinsel now adorns my family room Christmas tree - I had been looking for the stuff for weeks and had not been able to buy any - photos of the tree now adorned with the tinsel are below.

And I have a huge mess on the floor to clean up - it can wait.

Love and hugs,


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