TIME TO TAKE OUR CHRISTMAS DOWN - slowly and carefully.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Morning and welcome to the after Christmas time of the year when things must be packed up and put away and the whole Christmas season is under review.
I am going to be taking my decorations down slowly and putting them away in an orderly fashion so that when Christmas is upon us again I shall know where things are and that they are all in good condition and ready to go.

I shall be mending those treasured decorations that are a little worse for wear and then putting them away - will save time at the other end when days are busy.  The hanging loop on some decorations on my Advent Tree needs replacing so that will be done before the tree is packed away.

I have gone through my recipes and discarded those I will not use again and have filed as "successful" those I will use next year.  I have made notes in my Christmas Journal about quantities for food etc. and am taking photos of my trees etc. so that next year I can do it again - or will know those I wish to change.

I have included in my journal a list of things that I want to make for Christmas next year and included the patterns and instructions and will make those during the year - probably in winter months when it is cold and quiet and the warmth of Christmas will touch me then.
I have lots of wonderful Christmas cards which I won't take down until I have the time to respond to them and then I must find something to use them for.  Such pretty scenes and colours - a shame to throw them into the recycle box.
If you have ideas as to what used Christmas cards can be used for - please get in touch and share them.  There are lots of ideas and I just want to find an easy one which appeals to me.

Here are some ideas I have already found:

Make gift tags
  • Cut around the pictures, leaving enough room at the edge to write "To" and "From" if the pictures are arranged in such a way that there is a large open space around the perimeter. Glue ribbon or lace around the edge to add a bit of decoration.
  • Cut out the pictures and glue onto pieces of colored paper folded in half (so you can write your message inside). Add ribbon or lace, if desired.
  • Cut out the pictures, write your message on the back up-side-down and tape just the top edge to the package so that recipients only have to lift the tag to read your message. Once again, glue ribbon or lace around the edge for extra decoration.
Make collages
  • Purchase a 5x7 or an 8x10 picture frame with glass (or a larger frame, if desired).
  • Cut out the pictures from the Christmas cards.
  • Glue the pictures onto a piece of cardstock or other heavy paper cut to fit the frame. Cover the paper with pictures. Experiment with different arrangements before you glue them down.
  • Display the collage on a coffee table or end table or hang it on the wall. Christmas card collages also could be given as gifts to family and friends.

LeAnn R.Ralph

There are lots of lovely ideas and I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and hugs


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