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Friday, December 17, 2010


The tree is decorated
And lights are in the hall
Simple reminiscences of days
When the children were small.

Cards have been received
And I have mailed my share ~
Functions to attend
and busy-ness everywhere.

Lights are in my windows
and tinsel sparkles too
I take some time apart ~
And I remember you..

Merry Christmas Dad !
What would I give to see you
To sit and chat a while
And share a drink with you.

You would see some changes,
The children now quite grown
Stepping out and now making
Lives of their very own.

In memory I wander
To the days when I was small
When you were indeed my hero
And I loved you best of all.

You were my Santa  ~ I saw you
As you knelt beside my bed
You loved me very much
I heard the words you said…

The years have changed
And my children too are grown
My how quickly the years fly –
How could I have ever known?

There is a space in my life
Which belongs alone to you
I was blessed indeed
To have a Father like you.

Merry Christmas Dad
As you sail on an untroubled sea
I am so very happy
That you were Father to me.

Merry Christmas Dad,

©  Linda J Vaughan

I miss my Dad everyday and especially at Christmas time.

Love and hugs,


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