Monday, January 3, 2011

It is January 3rd. already in my little corner of the world and 356 days until Christmas - I have been busy taking Christmas down and packing things away.

There are a couple of exceptions that will not be going away and these are my lovely silver tree - far too nice to be hidden away and my little teddy bear named
Tinsel Toes - how could I stuff her in a box?

Part of the pleasure of Christmas is keeping it in your heart for the whole year and Tinsel Toes will help me do that.

I have been taking things down slowly and still have work to do - seems to easy going up gradually but much harder putting it away.  I am doing it slowly and making any repairs necessary now so that when the time comes again everything will be in good order.

I will leave my big trees in the Lounge and the Family room up until 12th. Night (6th. January) and take my cards down on the same day.

I have already packed lots of things away and gone through my journal and discarded recipes I will not be using again and carefully filed those I want to use again.   I have made the decision to make fairly plain Christmas biscuits next year and have the shapes all ready - a bell, a snowman, a Santa, a star, a shooting star, Christmas tree and holly shaped leaves.  Sometimes a plain biscuit is nice in the midst of all the indulgence.

My journal has been gone through and notes made about quantities and varieties of food which will be helpful when the menu planning comes around again.

My Berry Trifle turned out well and ended up at Naomi and Alexis Boxing Day party and I have been commissioned to make one for that party this year.

When I take down my Christmas cards I shall make a coffee and sit and read them again before deciding what to use them for.  I shall then make the necessary changes in my address book and add notes as needed.

So you can see that Christmas 2011 is already happening for me in my little corner of the world - at least it is in my mind and my journal.

I must decide on a colour theme for this Christmas and have no real idea at this stage.   Currently I have a clothes line all decked out in purple and gold from the 2010 Christmas and I will be putting that away without ironing it as
it will be necessary to iron it all again before using.

I am determined to enjoy every Christmas thought and all the planning and to make 2011 Christmas as stress free as I can.   2010 was beautiful and I would like to do it all again.

Good luck with your planning and I hope it brings you happiness.

Love and hugs,


ladychiara January 4, 2011 at 10:14 AM  

Linda like you I still have Christmas up at my place. I really am trying to slow down this year and enjoy life a bit more. Enjoying my decorations for a little longer than I usually would is a good start. You sound very organised with all your planning.We usually have a very small Christmas so I don't have to plan on a big scale but this year I will be on a much tighter budget so will have to plan more carefully.
Your attitudes to life are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your heart in your blogs. I love reading them.
Hugs Helen xxx

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