Friday, January 7, 2011

This is my plan for Christmas 2011 and I hope you will join me on my journey there.

What I would really like is if you would share with me ideas, recipes and organizational skills.

My plan is to keep my journal up to date and the packing away of things is well under way here (at least in my home if not in my heart).

I am hoping to celebrate a "Christmas in July" again this year and this is a very much less formal event than the true Christmas.

Our celebration for Christmas in July means an evening of getting together in mid winter and sharing warm comfort foods (not necessarily Christmas food) - we did casseroles and warming foods.  I decorated on a small scale and will do so again.   We had a Christmas "Kris Kringle" where each member had to bring a gift to the value of $5.00 so we will had a gift,.

Hoping that Naomi doesn't try to burn the house down again - she caught a paper napkin in a candle flame and whoosh we had flames everywhere.  All ended well.

Please share with us your mid-year Christmas plans and also your actual Christmas plans.  I know it is very early - only 352 days to go.  

If you have any photos of your Christmas - please send them to me and we can put them up on this blog.  

I have lots of plans for Christmas crafts - a new Advent wreath is on the agenda and also new table decorations for a new colour scheme.   I have planned to have cream table cloths, gold runners and lots of red candles and ribbons and baubles.

Let's keep Christmas in our hearts all year and spread the joy and love.

Love and hugs,


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