AUGUST AND 140 DAYS - Napkin Folding

Sunday, August 7, 2011

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1. Download the free pattern for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)
2. Stabilize lightweight or soft fabrics with a light coat of spray starch or sizing to encourage the napkin to stand upright. Open the napkin and place it on a flat surface. Fold the napkin in half from left to right, creating a rectangle with the fold at the left and the hemmed edges even at the right
3. Fold down the upper corners to meet at the center; repeat for the lower corners. Lightly press the folds.
4. Fold the upper and lower points to meet in the center of the napkin, forming a square. Press lightly.
5. Carefully turn over the folded square. Fold down the upper edge of the napkin to meet the lower edge, forming a rectangle. Lightly press the folds.
6. Grasp the top layer of the rectangle at the lower right corner and bring it to the lower left corner, creating a triangle from the upper edge of the rectangle.
7. Bring the folded triangle edge at the lower left to meet the triangle edge at the lower right.
8. Grasp the top layer of the lower left corner to meet the opposite lower right corner, creating a triangle from the upper edge of the rectangle. Bring the folded triangle edge at the lower right to meet the triangle edge at the lower left. The napkin forms a triangle.
9. Fold the triangle in half, right to left, matching opposite sides. Press the napkin folds firmly.
10. Stand the napkin, with the final fold vertical to the top point. Place a star napkin ring at the top. Evenly spread the four folds to resemble pine boughs.

I really love this one - hope you like it too.

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